Andy Holden
Enigma of Capital – Structure of Feeling Episode 5, 2020
Animated cartoon
6 minutes 30 seconds
Courtesy the artist
Music By Holden/Illingworth/Grubby Mitts. From the exhibition: Structure of Feeling, Block 336, Sep-Dec 2020


Enigma of Capital is the fifth episode in Structure of Feeling, a series of animated cartoons in which the artist, as a cartoon character, explores the outer edges of the cartoon world. 


This fifth chapter is the most disjunctive and fragmentary of the series, taking lines from Karl Marx’s Capital, setting them in the desolate town of Bedrock, assembled from multiple episodes of the Flintstones. Lines from Capital are intercut with fragmented news headlines from clickbait media and the artists confessional personal observations, and edited in the style of a ‘YouTube poop film’; a micro-genre of films that consists of deliberately badly edited cartoon clips. 


The series of films that make up Structure of Feeling are a sequel to Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape (2011-2016) which used the laws of physics in cartoons to try to understand the current political moment through an animated lecture format. At the heart of this new series is an attempt to map the breaking down of the cartoon world into something increasingly alienating and as yet undefinable.  For his exhibition at Block 336 in 2020 Andy Holden displayed these films in a theme park ride installation, in which the gallery was only navigable on motorised carts that visitors could drive around an illuminated track. 


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