Marianna Simnett
Blood, 2015
Single-channel HD video
23 minutes 47 seconds
Courtesy the artist and Jerwood/FVU Awards


Isabel (the star of Marianna Simnett’s earlier film, The Udder) undergoes surgery to remove two turbinate bones from her nose. This procedure eerily restages a horrifically botched operation carried out on Emma Eckstein, a patient of Sigmund Freud. Isabel’s suffering induces vivid dreams involving a visit to a remote village in northern Albania. In that archaic land of blood feuds and strict codes of honour a woman is regarded as ‘a sack made to endure’. Isabel’s ambiguous mentor, who became a sworn virgin to escape such a fate, tends to the child’s swollen nose while back at home Isabel’s schoolfriends, masquerading as her rejected turbinate bones, torment and chastise her. Both predicaments are fraught; after experiencing an epic nosebleed, Isabel is horrified at what is happening and finds herself again in Albania, endlessly sleepwalking.

The Udder (2014), in which Isabel makes her first appearance, is shown online here.


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